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  • ($60per 1 hr session w Darryl) ($50/hr w Kameron Hodges)

Private training is all about teaching & developing.  We work on

developing ball handling skills, correct footwork,

shooting, and conditioning.  We also work on communication, responsibility, and accountability.  The goal is learning the meaning of hard work & dedication while playing basketball.

  • SMALL GROUP TRAINING ($40/player per session)

Small group training consist of 2-6 players.  We still work

on the core fundamentals of ball handling, shooting and

conditioning, but there is also a competitive component,

as players are able to push each other to become the best

they can be.  Additionally, athletes practice and learn valuable team skills of trust, relationship building, communication and working towards a common goal. This supports positive partnerships on and off the court.

  • TEAM WORKOUT SESSIONS (Contact me for pricing)

Sometimes coaches like to give their teams a "different" look by

bringing in an outside coach to run mini-camps for their team.  

  • Numerous drills
  • 5-on-5 full court and half court offensive work
  • Man-to-man defense work
  • Zone defense work
  • Position specific training (post players, guard play, etc.)
  • Team building

​​We want to show that youth leadership and development can come from various coaching and support sources.